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Cigar Resources...

The Cigar Smoker's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Everything you ever wanted to know about cigar smoking!

ASC Readers Survey
Just who is reading about cigars on the Internet?

Airport Smoking List
Cigar friendly and unfriendly airports...

Brad Kimmel's How to Build a Coolerdor
Bulk storage on a budget!

Destination Cuba
More information on that island nation...

Friends of Tobacco
A grass-roots, non-profit organization.

How to plan a cigar Dinner
Planning a dinner? Don't do it without this guide!

Iberoamericana, S.A.
Not to be outdone, here's another cigar site in Spanish!

Internet Cigar Group
A tremendous compilation of cigar resources by the world's largest cigar organization.

Jeff Friedman's International Travel List
Traveling outside the US? We've got you covered!

Lighten up - Cigar Talk Radio
SMOKE takes to the air!

Popular Mechanics' Professional Humidor Plans!
Build your own humidor from these detailed plans.

Smoke This!
Another popular radio show!

USF Box Art Library
The University of South Florida's wonderful collection of antique box art.

Pipe Smoker's Resources...

"How to smoke a pipe"
...is full of information for the novice or experienced pipe smoker.

The Internet's pipe discussion group...

Other Special Links...

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