Winter 97/98
Volume IV
Issue 1


d e p a r t m e n t s

42 SMOKE Front
Monica's cigars, busted in New York, Team USA's lacrosse championship, hot bikes, legal Cubans, and SMOKE's Top-5s.

52 Romeo
Hawaiian Punch: Rick Shaw visits a hot-blooded island goddess.

58 y Julieta
Renting and Raving: New columnist Ingrid Ducmanis recalls some of the worst roommates she's experienced and survived.

62 OP-ED: What Lew Says
Eternal Flame: Lew Rothman gets a visitor from the netherworld and finds out that, indeed. there are Habanos in Heaven.

64 SMOKE Drink
The Walkers hit the Emerald IsIe to visit the birthplace of whiskey. Plus, a sampling of seasonal vodkas, ports, and champagnes.

70 SMOKE Finance
Ray Martin offers the ups, downs, ins, and outs of sin stocks; playing the gaming, booze, and tobacco markets.

74 SMOKE Music
The Rat Pack is back, as lounge life returns. Believe it, baby.

78 SMOKE Undercover
Join Jacob Sullum as he searches for the truth behind the scare tactics used by the anti-smoking crusade.

130 SMOKE Cigar Review
Churchills, toros, robustos, and figurados are reviewed and rated.

172 SMOKE Cigar Q & A
SMOKE talks to Edgar M. Cullman, chairman of General Cigar, and Edgar Cullman Jr., president and CEO.

174 SMOKE Celebrity Q & A
From Fargo to Psycho: William H. Macy talks about his role in the upcoming remake.

176 SMOKE Rising
Sexy rising star Justina Vail tells all.

178 SMOKE Vitals
Teas and tonics for better health, miracle elixirs for better sex. Getting the mind and body in shape, and keeping them that way.

180 SMOKE Fashion
Leather and Lace: Our intrepid SMOKE editors go below the surface to discover the latest in sultry lingerie. Also, clothes for special occasions.

188 SMOKE Gift Guide
SMOKE makes playing Santa easy this holiday season. Featuring the hottest items for work and play: watches, desk items, clothes, and cigar accessories.

199 SMOKE Matchbooks
Check out cigar-friendly haunts across the U.S.

200 SMOKE Sport
Irascible sportswriter Bert Sugar reminisces about an old Gotham watering hole in his new column, "Blowin'Smoke.

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