Winter 98/99
Volume IV
Issue 1

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104 Caan Film Festival
One of Hollywood's most enduring figures, James Caan has appeared on the big SCREEN for four decades. From his unforgettable tour de force as the impetuous Sonny Corleone, to memorable roles in Eraser, Dick Tracy, and Rollerball, lie's played bad guys, tough guys, and even a few good guys. Despite Caan's gruff on-screen demeanor, the star of Misery loves company, and Joan Tarshis was there to Get his story. Photographs by Jeff Katz.

86 Cheers, Jeers, and What Lindros Fears
Whether we're sitting in the bleachers or our living room, we love to cheer the heroes and jeer the goats of pro sports. Sportswriter Jay Greenberg tells it like it is, with the sports world's Top-5 Most Underrated, Overrated, Softest, Toughest, Loathsome, Friendliest, and several other revealing categories.

96 Dutch Treat
Wooden shoes. Tulips. Window-shopping in the Red Light District. Heinekens and funny-smelling cigarettes in canal-side cafes. Amsterdam means many things to many people, and Andy Marinkovich finds out for himself what allure - and what cigars - this city possesses.

110 Hello, Bali
Established as a leading producer of quality wrapper Ieaf, Indonesia has recently started producing cigars, and the industry is taking notice. Grenville Fordham visits and samples their handiwork. Also, a look at Swedish Match's Montague.

116 Trouble Brewing?
Brew-pubs popped up like so many Starbucks across America; suddenly, we all desired a frothy glass of oatmeal raspberry extra-bitter wheat stout... with a lime, thanks. But what has become of microbrew-mania? Do we no longer hunger for craft brews? Stephen Beaumont ponders the question.

122 Saint Nick
From the fields of Nicaragua to his factory in a Miami shopping mall, Nick Perdomo of Nick's Cigars does it his way, cranking out La Tradicions and Dos Rios to a voracious public. Les Standiford pays Nick a visit.

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