Winter 96/97
Volume II
Issue 1


Like father, like son is more than just a saying when applied to the Finck family of San Antonio, cigar barons of the southwest. For four generations, Finck fathers have passed their interest and passion for cigars onto their sons.

"We are probably the most diverse cigar company in the United States," observes Bill Finck Jr., 34, the most recent family member to join Finck Cigar Company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary three years ago. Finck Cigar Co. manufactures a popular line of machine-made short-filler cigars in addition to its Travis Club machine-made long-filler cigars, which until recently were distributed primarily in Texas. The company also is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Cruz Real cigars from Mexico, and is preparing to import two of its own premium handmade blends from the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

The family's traditions are deeply ingrained. "I've been around cigars since I was a little kid," says semi-retired company president and family patriarch Henry William "Bill" Finck Sr., 65. "I used to sack tobacco stems in the factory when I was 8 years old. We sold the bags for nests for homing pigeons for 50 cents a piece."

Bill Jr. and the family's other six children, two boys and four girls, all worked at the factory at various times while they were growing up. Only Bill Jr., however, got tobacco in his blood.

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