Winter 96/97
Volume II
Issue 1


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Mel the Magnificent
After landing a pair of gold statuettes at last year's Academy Awards, actor/director/producer Mel Gibson shows no signs of slowing down. Hollywood's most bankable commodity sits with Seven McDonald for an exclusive interview.


SMOKE America: Lone Star Cigars (article)
Bob Ashley's back with our continuing series on USA born & bred cigar companies. This issue, Bob heads deep into the heart of Texas for a look at Finck Cigar Co.

SMOKE Pictorial: Made in Japan (picture)
Kiseru pipes once dominated Japanese tobacco tradition; today they are mainly found in souvenir shops and museums

I Spy for the FBI (picture)
What do James Bond, Maxwell Smart, and Derek Flint have in common? Find out as Chris Rubin looks at the latest in high-tech spy gadgetry.

Big Apple Shopping (article)
New York, New York, it's a helluva town, particularly for stogie lovers. Sean T. Barry scopes out NYC's illustrious smokeshops and lounges.

The Fine Art of Smoking
Magritte may not have had his pipe, but Ruby Tuesday has his cigar. Jim Mauro and John Scotello explore the relationship between fine art and fine cigars.

Briar Patch (picture)
Alan Schwartz goes to Saint-Claude, France the birthplace of briar. Magnifique! Plus, Ultimate author Richard Carlton Hacker explains how Santa got his pipe.

A Woman's World
Entertainment editor Seven McDonald wrangles an open panel of gal pals who discuss the finer points of cigars, men, and oral sex.

That Voodoo That You Don't
Santeria, everybody's favorite spooky religion, puts cigar smoking in a whole new light. Michael Karnow gets ritualistic with a Santeria priest and proves he's no chicken.

Age of Enlightenment (article)
Dr. Adrian Bartoli's continuing guide to cigar maturation further explains the science behind aging your precious smokes.

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