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I N   E V E R Y   I S S U E

10 Editor’s Letter
12 SMOKE Contributors
14 SMOKE Mail
16 SMOKE Front
Celebrate like the Red Sox, check out a three-wheeled motorcycle, view a “Diamond” in the rough, new books, new smokes, and so much more.
22 SMOKE Primer
In an ever-changing world, there are a few things you can count on staying true to their traditions. Pipe making is certainly one of them.
26 SMOKE Undercover
Who would willingly grab hold of 2,000 pounds of angry, violent, mean, bull flesh? Cowboys, that’s who. And rodeo clowns aside, bull riding is no laughing matter.
30 SMOKE Drink
To some, Canada is just a suburb of the United States, a place where the cops ride horses and they play hockey. What people don’t know, is that some of the world’s best whisky is courtesy of our neighbors to the north.
For Nick Perdomo, Premium cigars are more than just a business or a means to an end. They are a passion, a never-ending pursuit of perfection, and more importantly, a family thing.
38 SMOKE Essentials
A collection of all the stuff you wish you had gotten this holiday season. From lighters and cutters, to knives, binoculars, and product to help you work off all those helpings of Christmas ham.
62 SMOKE Cigar Review
In addition to our usual 32 premium cigars from around the world, our 20 panelists sampled a couple of different items that might get you thinking.
82 Blowin' SMOKE
As another year comes to a close Bert Sugar brings you his “Truly Unbelievable but True Quotes of the Year Award Extravaganza.” Here at Smoke, we just call them the 2007 Yogis.

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