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by Michael Geffner

Gena Lee Nolin, who may be the most luscious woman on the planet, is slowly sucking me into her world - and, without her realizing it, sending me flying into my fantasies.

In her seductively playful way, the trademark of her best- known characters, Sheena and Neely Capshaw, Nolin is eagerly telling me of her fetish for being pampered. I’m naturally hanging on every word, floating to wherever she wants to take me. What self-respecting guy wouldn’t? At the moment, she - or maybe my vivid imagination - is carrying me here: to a misty room lit by multi-colored candles, smelling of lavender, with harp-plucking New Age music playing softly in the background, incense burning, and Gena, all 69 bodacious inches of her, plunged neck-deep and naked in a steamy, bubbly Jacuzzi.

As I’m running this picture around in my head, she coos, “Ooooooh, yeah, I’m the queen of spas. I can do spa life every day. For hours. Massages. Facials. All of it. It’s a great way to get away from all the pressure. One of these days, I’ll actually treat myself to one of those fancy spa resorts and indulge myself for a few days. That would be soooooo cool!”

Or, to millions of guys like me, so incredibly hot.

Let’s face it, is there a guy with a pulse who hasn’t lusted like crazy after Gena Lee Nolin these last eight years, as she steadily streaked up the eye-candy food chain, her wardrobe seemingly shrinking every step of the way: from “Price is Right” showcase model to “Baywatch” babe to Amazon superhero to Playboy pin-up. I mean, what guy hasn’t dreamed about being lost in a tropical rainforest with Sheena? Or at least swinging from a vine with her, clutching that bare, fetching waist?

Yet, like many extraordinarily sexy women, Nolin, the blue-eyed platinum-blond bombshell who’s in her second season playing TV’s jungle siren, almost dismisses the idea of men instantly breathing heavily at the mere mention of her name. Tell her you fantasize about her and she’ll all but stop you in mid-sentence, saying you’ve got it all wrong, that it’s not really her you’re fantasizing about, but actually some glammed-up thing on TV, or the airbrushed poster model. She swears the real Gena Lee Nolin is more the understated, down-to-earth, T-shirt-and-jeans type, with no makeup and her hair tied back in a ponytail. “Of course, I can play the sex symbol,” she says, as if we didn’t already know.

To me, she’s always had an edgy, muscular sensuality. Far removed from the vapid, bust-enhanced cookie-cutter airheads or the breathy, shrill, and giggly Pam Anderson types. I’ve always seen Gena Lee Nolin as a tad tougher: that as much as she’d seduce you, she’d quickly - and without hesitation - put you in your place if you dared make the wrong move toward her. Surprisingly, she confirms my suspicions by admitting, “I’m not one to back down. I won’t sit there and be treated a certain way. I take care of myself.” If you can control your hormones long enough to step back a bit you can actually see this in her face - a subtle harshness. A stop sign, if you will.

Amid the sparkle of those come-hither eyes and the juiciness of those soft, full, heart-shaped lips is this somewhat out-of-place, square, almost masculine jaw that pinches hard at the corners of her mouth, producing these weird dimples. It gives her face an odd strength, if not a heaping of sass, that makes her a perfect fit for the role of the fiercely defiant Sheena.

Nolin says that even as a kid growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, she was always equal parts down-and-dirty tomboy and girlie girl, slipping from overalls to a frilly dress in a heartbeat, or, with ease, going from roughing it up with the boys playing sports to playing with her Barbies. Maybe because she never felt pretty until well into her teens, she’s never been afraid to explore her male side. Even in public. Which is why she’s not above shocking everybody around her by occasionally sticking a stogie in her mouth, lighting it up with some style, and exhaling these huge plumes of smoke. She’ll light up at least twice a year, as a celebration, on both her birthday and New Year’s.

“I just love the spicy cigars,” she says. “And I think it mixes so well with a good Chianti.” So what kind of cigars do you like? She laughs, then asks sheepishly: “If I say Cubans, would that be alright?”

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