Fall 98
Volume III
Issue 4

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104 Are You Ready For Some Football?
These boys certainly are. Every week, America tunes in to Howie Long, Cris Collinsworth, Terry Bradshaw, and James Brown for the scoop on the NFL's hottest matchups. The Fox crew talks to Daniel Green about Havanas, tractors, Buddhist monks, and even a little gridiron. Photographs by Jeff Katz.

78 Bonfire of the Insanities
Each summer, 10,000 revelers trek out to the barren expanse of the desert to witness the torching of a 40-foot man, and to celebrate art, life, and, well, burning men. It's the Burning Man Festival: Woodstock without the hippies, Mardi Gras without the frat boys. Sean Barry sheds light on this shindig.

92 Bright Lights, Little City
Built upon the cigar industry, Ybor City is nestled within the Tampa limits. Founded by exiled cigar makers from Cuba, Ybor boasts a history few towns can rival - not to mention an eclectic ethnic melange and an electric nightlife. John Ellis pays a visit.

112 Pigskin Panache
The Steel Curtain, the Hogs, the Purple People Eaters ... We remember them well. In the age of salary caps, third down specialists, and mass free agency, it's hard for NFL teams to maintain an identity. Or is it? Daniel Green reports on some of the NFL's more colorful teams, and - call your bookie - gives his '98 predictions.

174 Sudden Death on the Links
Golf, the sport of leisure and relaxation. Unless, of course, you're trying to qualify for the pro tour, and missing a three foot putt means it's back to bagging groceries. Michael D'Antonio walks the fairways with some hopeful duffers at the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament, a.k.a. Q School.

134 Nicaragua's Continuing Saga
Knee-buckling heat, fiery generals, gun-slingin' ballplayers, and the constant threat of revolution keeps the Nicaraguan landscape interesting for Daniel Mickelson, as he explores the mercurial cigar industry in this captivating country.

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