Fall 1997
Volume II
Issue 4


152 On the Edge With Alec Baldwin
Residing in the elite, upper echelon of Hollywood's Leading Men, with a supporting cast that features a stunning wife and baby girl, being Alec Baldwin doesn't sound like a bad job. Starring alongside Anthony Hopkins and Elle Macpherson in David Mamet's The Edge, to be released this fall, our favorite Baldwin's career rolls merrily along. Alec and Joan Tarshis discuss his politics, family, dark side, and smokes.

74 Kinky Stuff
Meet Kinky Friedman - the brash author, Jewish cowboy, fabled country singer, and passionate cigar smoker - as Michael McGovern pays the Kinkster a visit at his ranch in Texas. Learn what happened when Kinky offered President Clinton a Cuban cigar, why he's in no hurry to make it to Hollywood, and how much he spends each week keeping his humidor stocked.

88 Smoke Screen
Hollywood expert Laurie Jacobson takes a detailed look at how stars like Groucho Marx, Mae West, Humphrey Bogart, Yul Brynner, and many others made smoking a part of their lives and their careers.

98 Hell on Wheels
Secure your safety bar as roller coaster guru Robert Coker takes you on a hell-ride of the scariest, fastest, most outrageous, and coolest roller coasters in the country.

110 Chicago Smoke
While a place called "The Windy City" may not sound like a good spot to light up a stogie, SMOKE proves that nothing could be further from the truth. Join Donald Skoog on his tour of the hottest cigar spots in Chicago.

132 Smokin' Guitarists
Noted music journalist Baker Rorick visits with four smokin' guitarists - James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, former Stray Cat Brian Setzer, and Aerosmith's Joe Perry - to discuss their two favorite passions: Cigars and guitars.

44 Now You See Him...
A profile of storied magician Dai Vernon, as well as some cigar magic tricks with which to impress your friends. By Shawn McMaster.

164 Bodies of Work
Richard Polsky takes a look at world-renowned sculptor and cigar lover Robert Graham, and some of his creations.

172 Smoke on the Water
Restaurants have been making room for the growing population of cigar enthusiasts by opening up smoking rooms and lounges. Now luxury cruise ships are getting in on the act, and writer Linda Marx shows which cruises are the best for cigar lovers.

184 Getting Schooled on the Links
Tired of crawling through the woods, looking for your ball while the rest of your foursome irons out major business deals on the fairway? Steve Eubanks takes a look at the best golf schools in Florida, that will turn your fore into a three.

194 Venezuelan Smokes
Dan Mickelsen visits with the major cigar producer of Venezuela, and provides a history lesson on the fabled cigar industry in that country. Find out why Venezuelan smokes could be the next hot thing.

707 Blood, Sweat., and Ears
Brett Barenholtz offers a behind the scenes, blow by blow account of the bizarre, controversial, and ever-changing world of professional boxing, particularly the recent Holyfield/Tyson clash in Vegas. Plus, a chat with actor Ving Rhames, who plays Don King in the upcoming HBO movie

214 Hail to the Chef
If merely dining out at your favorite restaurant isn't enough to satisfy your palate these days, then check out the latest trend in gourmet dining, where your favorite chefs prepare their specialties right before your eyes. By Jonathan Auerbach, with John and Elin McCoy Walker.

290 Shooting to Thrill
Richard Carleton Hacker shows you his guns in this account of his trip to a Cowboy Action Shooting ranch, where grown men go to live like genuine, wild-west cowboys.

296 SMOKE Pictorial: Prohibition
American history on the rocks. A fascinating look at the Prohibition years by Oscar Andrew Hammerstein.

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