Fall 1996
Volume I
Issue 4


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Snake Pliskin escaped from New York in 1983. Thirteen years later, director John Carpenter brings the cult icon, played by Kurt Russell, back to life in "Escape from L.A." Dennis Hunt reports from the set of this revived all-American classic. Photographs by Jeff Katz.


SMOKE America: High Rollers (article)
Las Vegas steals the spotlight in our quarterly look at U.S. cigar manufacturers, as Bob Ashley visits the Las Vegas Cigar Co.

SMOKE Pictorial: Corncob Pipes (picture)
It's harvest time in Heartland, U.S.A. Photographer John-Francis Bourke unearths a bounty of corncob pipes on his visit to Missouri.

TV's new fall season is here. T. Jay O'Brien talks with the cigar smoking screenwriters who try to keep you home on weeknights.

Factory Tour (picture)
With cigar production rising, Dan MIckelson explores the factories responsible for making Honduras the second largest importer of handrolled smokes to the U.S. Plus, a visit to Panama's lone cigar factory.

Strange Brew (article)
Chris O'Hara looks at the craft beer phenomenon, plus, Wicked Pete's easy guide to homebrewing.

Pitt Stop (picture)
Aaron Sigmond interviews Clive Cussler -- noted author, automobile collector and undersea explorer -- to chat about life, the universe and his new Dick Pitt page-turner, Shockwave.

Lord of the Flies
When the snow melts in Aspen, the flies start to swarm. John Frederick Walker unsheaths his rod and prods Aspen's hottest trout beds.

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