Summer 98
Volume III
Issue 3

SMOKE Magazine's Cigar Reviewer's Contest!

100 Knockin' on Kevin's Door
Kevin Spacey has amused and confused us as some of film's most engaging characters. Writers try to uncover the real Spacey, but his characters are all they've got to work with. Good and evil? Perhaps both. Confidential? Most definitely. Usual? Anything but. "Don't confuse actors with the parts they play," he warns writer Jeff Weinstock. Photographs by Jeff Katz.

78 Frontenis, Anyone?
You've never set foot inside a fronton? Don't even know what it is? That did not stop the men who represented the U.S. in frontenis at the 1968 Olympics. Daniel Green tells of the Mexico City mayhem. paying off opponents, partying with the locals, and taking on the world in frontenis.

88 Pork Finds
Tofu and a health salad? Try again. Bury your face in a plateful of BBQ! It ain't cuisine, it's grub - messy, artery-clogging pork ribs; a carnivore's delight. Joan Tarshis travels across the country to find the 10 primest rib joints in America. [Editor's Note: Not to be read on an empty stomach.]

110 Havana Blast!
Cuba continues to intrigue cigar smokers from near and far. Join father and son team Nathaniel and Andrew Lande as they visit the forbidden frontier and score some of the new Trinidads. Learn of Cuba's past, present, and future; its romance & revolution.

120 SMOKE America: Avanti
To paraphrase a famous quote, "What this country really needs is a good 45 - cent cigar." Avanti produces 30 million U.S.-grown cigars each year, selling them for pocket change. If they're good enough for Rush Limbaugh and Francis Ford Coppola, they're worth checking out. Stephen DiLauro does jist that.

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