Summer 1997
Volume II
Issue 3

The El Original

162 Cool on Chaos
On the heels of last summer's blockbuster mega-movie, Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum reprises the role of slick chaos theorist, Ian Malcolm, in The Lost World. Francesca Riviere interviews Hollywood's favorite iconoclast. Photos by Jeff Katz.

80 SMOKE America: Havana Daydreaming
In an industry with a history over 400 years old, many companies are attempting to preserve the rich tradition that has endured through the ages. San Diego's Cuban Cigar Factory, however, is also looking toward the future of the industry. Story by Chris Rubin.

92 Baseball Fantasies
If you've ever wondered what its like to own a Major League Baseball team, then Rotisserie baseball might be exactly what you're looking for. Jeff Weinstock reports on the ultimate role-playing game.

100 Smoker's Luau
Honolulu has long been frequented by surfers and newlyweds in search of perfection, and now cigar smokers have a reason to get lei-d, too. Scott Whitney checks out the cigar scene on the island paradise.

120 Bachelor Party Debauchery
The traditional bachelor party has long been a bastion of depravity and vice, yet they continue to thrive. Seven McDonald gets the skinny on the last hurrah, as well s a few alternatives for the enlightened guy.

130 Artistic License
In the world of art, form takes precedence over function, but the recent creations of artist Yankel Ginsburg incorporate both. Lang Phipps looks at the art of the smoke through Yankel's gifted eye.

140 Hitting the Links
Duffers of the world unite! Former golf-pro, Steve Eubanks pulls out his bag for a tour of some of America's top-rated public courses. Fore!

154 Brew-it-Yourself
The microbrewery rage has given rise to another micro-trend; home-brewing. Hundreds of home brewmeisters, cottage industries and clubs have been popping up all over country, and Steve Beaumont explains why everyone is hopping to it.

176 Star-Studded Lounges
It seems everyone is trying to bust into the cigar biz, including the Hollywood jet set. Celebrities from Chuck Norris and Jim Belushi, to Mike Ditka, are entering the cigar game at a rapid pace. Ian Spelling checks out the newest trend - celebrity-owned lounges.

182 South of the Border
The phrase "Hecho en Mexico" used to draw snickers from connoisseurs, but not anymore. Dan Mickelsen hits the Vuelta Abajo of Mexico, San Andres, for a peek at the major players changing the face of Mexican tobacco.

198 High-Rolling Hot Shots
The gaming industry has grown exponentially across the country, but the standard bearers of the gambling scene are still Las Vegas, NV and Atlantic City, NJ. Bowen Greenwood looks at both cities of sin and cigars.

274 Specialty Smokes
The cigarette industry has suffered a few major blows in recent months, yet the specialty cigarette market continues to grow. T. Jay O'Brien looks at the latest in microsmokes.

287 Frozen Moments in Jazz
Photojournalist William Gottlieb started snapping his camera during the Golden Age of Jazz, and has photographed many of its luminaries and elder statesmen.

302 Cohiba Turns 30
In 1968, Cohiba was one of the first brands to be created after the Cuban revolution. Now, on the eve of it's thirtieth birthday, it is one of the most sought after cigars in the world. Executive Editor Alyson Boxman was in Havana for the gala event.

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