Spring 98
Volume III
Issue 2


130 Sam, I am
Hit man, private eye, scientist, arms dealer, wronged family man ... Samuel L. Jackson's characters tread boldly on both sides of the law, each of his perfs getting the same infusion of intensity. Tarantino calls Jackson's trademark character a "bad guy who projects absolute menace, but is also eloquent and intelligent." Joan Tarshis tells the story. Photographs by Jeff Katz.

76 Just Wild About Harry
Former Navy SEAL and decorated Vietnam vet Harry Humphries has added some sparkle to Tinseltown, serving as technical consultant to the stars. To make sure their military scenes have the necessary authenticity, filmmakers go to this man. Harry shares a cigar and some Hollywood insider information with Joan Tarshis.

88 Cominq Home Again
Once our undisputed national pastime, baseball fell from grace in the recent past: A canceled World Series, holdouts and lockouts, a player spits in the face of the game. But all that changed, and last season saw some true heroes emerge with a gem of a World Series that did not declare a winner until the 11th inning of the 7th game. Mark Miller promises even better things in '98.

98 Faux-hibas and Decoyo de Monterreys
Take out a double mortgage on your soul to buy a box of what you thought were your favorite Cubans? We've all read the news reports: Too much demand, too little supply, phony "premiums" popping lip all over. And just because you're visiting Cuba doesn't mean you're safe, either. Michael Douglas offers a guide to protect yourself from bogus Havanas.

108 Test-a-Rossa
You fly through the winding highways and bucolic byways of Italy at 200 m.p.h., pushing your untested racing machine to limits it's never before known. Nothing can stop you - except the odd mechanical malfunction, or some farmer pulling his tractor out into the road. Winston Goodfellow writes of a most enviable day in the life of a Lamborghini test driver.

120 French Toast
The only thing worse than running a mile is running 26 of them. But the bon vivants of Bordeaux have the right idea. Fine wine and delectable victuals, not to mention a crowd of bedecked and besotted revelers, help the costume-clad runners progress through the serpentine streets of the wine country, closer and closer to the finish line. Bob Blumer samples the claret, parties with the locals, and attempts to break 3:30.

142 The Dominican Republic: Island of Intrigue
For years, the Dominican Republic's main export was major league shortstops, but of late, premium cigars have surpassed the slick-fielding ballplayers. Responsible for some of the best sticks in the world, the Dominican is a perplexing place, steeped in cryptic history and constantly reshaping a new identity. Grab a cold El Presidente and hit the bumpy road and rocky beach with Dan Mickelson.

164 SMOKE America: The Little Cigar Factory That Could
The Little Havana Cigar Factory of Chicago has seen remarkable growth since its opening last fall, ascending from a little cart that sold 20 cigars a day to a corporation that cranks out nearly a million sticks a year. Ever-skeptical, residents of the Windy City were won over by the newcomer's attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship. Donald Skoog tells the uniquely American tale of the Little Havana Cigar Factory.

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